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Resource Equity

We believe that every child should receive an adequate and equitable allocation of resources no matter their race, socioeconomic status, or zip code nor

whether they are enrolled in a traditional district run public school or public charter school. Addressing inadequacies and inequities in funding is a critical component of efforts to reform and improve education.  Therefore, we support student-centric policies to 

  • Increase public education funding

  • Distribute resources according to school and student needs

  • Give school leaders more authority and autonomy in spending

  • Increase teachers pay and provide incentives to attract and retain a diverse cadre of teachers in high-needs schools and specialty areas

  • Extend learning time

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Teacher Quality and Preparation


We believe that good teachers are the backbone of a high-quality education. Unfortunately, students in high-poverty schools in Washington are more than three times as likely to be taught by an unsatisfactory teacher as students in low-poverty schools.  Teacher quality is the number one in-school influence on student achievement, which is why we support policymaking that creates quality pathways to teacher certification, paraprofessional career pathways, and culturally responsive teachers. Acquiring professional development so that the adults who are in front of students are prepared to help them achieve their potential.


We believe that a strong accountability system, based on objective data and analysis, is an essential component of a high-quality education system.  When families, educators, and elected officials can see how districts and schools are performing, we are better positioned to: 

  • Help families choose the best schools for their child

  • Advocate for policy change

  • Identify struggling schools

  • Direct resources to where it is most needed

  • Narrow achievement and opportunity gaps

  • Ensure our students graduate college and career ready

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Public School Choice

We believe that a core tenet of improved equity is when families have a choice amongst free high quality schools.  This could include a district, choice, non-profit charter or a career academy. We are mindful that for affluent families - with the necessary resources and influence - school choice has always existed.  Our priority is to expand this opportunity to low-income and working class families, who often send their child to their local school because it is the only choice they are given and because they do not have the financial means to opt out of a school that isn't working for their student. 

Higher Ed Quality and Affordability

We believe that a college degree is a springboard to higher earning potential, and that quality post secondary experiences lead to improved life outcomes for kids of color. In Washington, kids of color are still least likely to graduate, least likely to attend college, and if they do make it to college, least likely to complete. 


White students earn bachelor's degrees at nearly twice the rate of African-Americans and nearly three times the rate of Latinx.  Our policy priority is to advocate for and advance policies that support increased access and affordability to post secondary experiences 

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We believe that you can't improve systems that you don't understand. The key to understanding how to improve education outcomes is to engage community stakeholders, and make the process easier to understand.  We support open communication, dialog and easier to understand language to help communities 

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